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Wholesale Handicrafts from Bali

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The gentle natural sound of bamboo will bring tranquility to every house and garden.
Our Dreamcatcher are handcrafted according to the Originals from Nativ American Nations. Handmade with String or Suede Leather and decorated with Feathers, Sea Shells, Semiprecious Stones, Glassbeads or other Materials. We laso have beautiful Handcarved and Handpainted Wooden Mobiles.
African Style - Djembe Drums Each Drum is handmade with Attention to Detail by experienced Drum Makers. All our Drums are handcrafted from one piece of Mahogany Wood. Only legally harvested Mahogany Wood is used for the production of these African Style Djembe Drums.
Tribal Wooden Mask Made in Indonesia Meticulously Hand Carved and Hand Painted Wooden Mask from Bali. African Style Mask,Lombok Mask , Aboriginal Style Mask.
Quality Airbrush Work from Bali. Wooden Miniature Surfboards Hand Airbrushed with Hawaiian Sunset Designs, Dolphins, Palmtrees
musical instruments
native american
PHOTO ALBUMS, Notebooks, picture frames... handmade with handmade paper front and back covers made from banana and other leaves decorated with rice straw, cinnamon sticks, beans and branches and other natural materials
picture frames
primitive art
Beautiful handmade puzzles made from Teakwood or Albesia wood.
rain sticks
stone carvings
sun & moon
Pens in wood and calendar in wood - all handmade...
Boomerang and Didgeridoos, Aboriginal Art and Aboriginal handicraft

bali Drums
Drums - Djembe Drums
Drums - Professional Drums
bali Masks
Aboriginal Masks
Batik and Handpainted Masks
Tiki Masks
Wooden Masks
bali Aboriginal Art
Aboriginal Art
Bamboo Didgeridoo
Teakwood Didgeridoo
bali Native american
Native american
Body shield
Hair Ornaments
Hand Drums
Skin painted
War Bonnets - Faschings Hauben
bali Dream catchers & mobiles
Dream catchers & mobiles
Dream Catchers
Mobiles - Animal
Mobiles - Celestial
Mobiles - Tropical Fish
bali Musical instruments
Musical instruments
Musical Instruments - Percussion
Musical Instruments - Rattle, Maracas
Other Musical Instruments
bali Primitive art
Primitive art
Geckos 1
Geckos 2
Primitive men
bali Windchimes
Bamboo Windchimes
Wind Dancers
bali Airbrush decoration
Airbrush decoration
Miniature Surfboards
bali Pottery Small
Pottery Small
Ceramic Small Animals
Terracotta Incense & Candle Holder
Terracotta Plate
Terracotta Vase & Bottle
bali Office Tools
Office Tools
Pencils and Ballpoint Pens
Table Decoration
Wooden Calendars
bali Puzzles-wood
Balls and squares
bali Photos
Photo Albums
Picture Frame
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