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Bali Costume jewelry and Accessories handmade wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry from Bali

Wholesale Bali Jewelry supplier
Costume jewelry and accessories made of shell, bone, resin, wood, horn, paua shell
Costume jewelry earrings and earrings accessories
Costume jewelry with necklaces made of shell, wood, stone, bones, glass beads and other materials from Indonesia
Costume jewelry with Bracelets made of shell, wood, resin, coco, stone and beads. Made in Bali, Indonesia
Bali rings costume jewelry accessories from Bali
Other accessories like fridge magnets, keyring, key chains, hair clip and much more!
Jewelry made of stainless with combination of wood, and shell...

bali Necklaces - Accessories
Necklaces - Accessories
Beads Necklace
Shell Necklaces
Sonowood Necklace
bali Bracelets - Accessories
Bracelets - Accessories
Beads Bracelets
Shell Bracelets
Wooden Bracelets
bali Earrings - Accessories
Earrings - Accessories
Coconut Earrings
Shell Earrings
Wooden earrings
bali Rings - Accessories
Rings - Accessories
Shell Ring
Wooden Rings
bali Other - Accessories
Other - Accessories
Belts - Accessories
Fridge Magnets - Accessories
Hairpins - Accessories
Keyrings - Accessories
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