Booking engine and reservation system for hotels

Survey of different booking engines on the market

If you own a hotel or villa, a good marketing is the key to the success. How to fill up your rooms and maximise your profit?
Hundreds of software solutions exist on the market, all clam to be the best... Paradisedriveinn made a selection of 3 top booking engines that seems to surpassing the others.

The following companies got our attention:
Bookandlink: Booking engine and channel manager - reservation system for hotels
Sable Hospitality: Booking engine since 10 years , with a global distribution system embed
Travel Click: Reservation System with channel manager and PMS integration

Here are some of the key features:

  • Easy control panel - compatible with phones and tablets for frontend and backend
  • Easy and fully customized booking engine that can be embed in your website just with a few clicks.
  • Channel Manager connected with the most important OTAs - on a 2 ways synchronisation
  • 24 hours live support - offices available across the world

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