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Bali Dream Catchers - Dreamcatcher wholesale, native craft accessories, new dream catcher gift handmade wholesale Handicrafts

Bali Dream Catchers

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Dream Catchers

Our Dreamcatcher are handcrafted according to the Originals from Nativ American Nations. Handmade with String or Suede Leather and decorated with Feathers, Sea Shells, Semiprecious Stones, Glassbeads or other Materials. Dreamcatchers originate in the Ojibwa Nation but became popular in the 1960s with many other Nativ American Nations and than Worldwide with The New Age Movement. The Believe is that they filter ones Personal Dreams. Good Dreams are allowed to slip through the Spiderweb and Bad Dreams are caught in it and will disappear in the first Morning Light


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MOQ: 50 pcs
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