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Bali Drum special alpine string - Djembe Drums,Professional deepcarved Hand Drum,African Style,Percussion,Balii handmade wholesale Handicrafts

Bali Drum special alpine string

Code: # XD05112C

Drum special alpine string

Each Drum is handmade with Attention to Detail by experienced Drum Makers. All our Drums are handcrafted from one piece of Mahogany Wood .Only legally harvested Mahogany Wood is used for the production of these african style Djembe Drums
You can send us your own Artwork

# XD05112C - 1
Price: $ 5.80
MOQ: 5 pcs
Size: H: 20cm / 8"
Not selected
# XD05112C - 2
Price: $ 9.80
MOQ: 5 pcs
Size: H: 25cm/10"
Not selected
# XD05112C - 3
Price: $ 12.08
MOQ: 5 pcs
Size: H: 30cm/12"
Not selected
# XD05112C - 4
Price: $ 20.13
MOQ: 5 pcs
Size: H: 40cm / 16 "
Not selected

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